Big link chain Creator of Dint Designs, Karen Davies began making jewellery after attending an Alison Jackson silversmithing course. The course gave her the skills and ignited her passion to collect the tools of the trade and create a work space of her own.Dint Designs jewellery is all designed and handmade by Karen in Canberra from sterling silver, copper and brass. The range includes bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings.

The bangles are made in all shapes and sizes including round, oval, teardrop and misshapen. Most of them are hammered to form a dinted textured effect and some have misshapen charms on them. They are made from sterling silver, copper and brass and also include a mixed metal bangle stack incorporating all three metals.

The earrings range from round dinted studs to square bars made with sterling silver as well as longer dangly earrings made from sterling silver and copper.

Each individual link of the big link chains are handcrafted and joined together. Each link is misshapen and hammered flat for effect meaning no two links are the same. These are available in sterling silver, sterling silver with a copper feature or can be special ordered with a brass feature. The finer necklaces in the collection are all sterling silver chain and have various features including sterling silver and copper bars, and sterling silver and copper circles.

The stacking rings are made from sterling silver and are available plain or with features so you can make your own individual stack to suit your style. Karen also makes chunky spinner rings that are made from sterling silver and then have smaller dinted rings around the outside that can spin. The smaller rings are made from sterling silver, copper and brass and come in a variety of combinations.

All the packaging is handmade using colourful materials and felt to create jewellery pouches and bags to store your precious pieces in.

We hope you enjoy meeting Karen and admiring her gorgeous creations at the September event!

Friday 11 September 2015, 4pm to 9pm.

 Mixed metal bangle stack
 triplet spinner ring

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