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The Realm Precinct was buzzing and a hive of activity on Friday evening when the gates opened at 4pm!

There were over 30 stalls selling a diverse range of high quality products ranging from clothing, jewellery, accessories, makeup, lotions and candles to African and Moroccan homewares, children’s clothing and decor, bow ties and cufflinks for the men and not to mention the delicious biscuits that sold out in the first 2 hours!

Malamay, Lilotang, Ostani and Maple+Clove, the restaurants within the Realm Precinct, did a wonderful job tantalizing the taste buds of shoppers with tacos, pulled beef and pork sliders, skewers, salads and sweets. The outdoor bar quenched shoppers thirst with jugs of Pimms, frozen Margaritas, ale’s, ciders, beer and wine. Majura Wines was also there to showcase their wines and allow customers to try before buying!

It was wonderful to see Realm Park being used by families and friends – making use of the picnic rugs and enjoying the live music. There was a real festival atmosphere and it was a great night of shopping and relaxation!

Stay tuned for updates on future events.

Happy Holidays xx

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