5 minutes with Bonnie Montgomery of BONTY

What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to do something creative outside of my normal office job and I loved contemporary jewellery. I would often find pieces but then forget designer’s names or couldn’t find them online, so I thought I might be able to create an online store that supported independent design. There are many online stores, but we select pieces that are playful, quality and contemporary.

How long have you been designing/producing for?

Bonty began on 4 January 2014.

What are the best sellers in your range?

The best sellers are the necklaces by designer Not Tuesday, in particular the ‘And a Cube Makes 3’ pieces, plus the designer Boxy whose ‘Neutral Territory’ piece is a top seller.

What are your favourite fashion labels? Why?

I love local designer Nixx – The brand is staples with a twist and features pieces you can wear all the time. I also love Carmakoma – fashion that is quality with creativity and the perfect fit.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I am inspired by my close friends and family, people who are positive and making creativity an important part of their life. I enjoy meeting the creative community through Bonty and hearing people’s ideas and getting excited by what they’re working on.

What exciting new developments are you working on?

The Bonty website will be relaunched with a new makeover in December, and we are making plans for our first birthday in January. We are also exploring doing some pop up shops in 2015, our first pop up shop is happening at the South Coast from end Nov – early Dec this year.

What direction do you see your label/business developing into in the future?

As we support designers it will largely depend on them in many ways – it’s my dream to own a shop one day with contemporary pieces of jewellery and homewares by independent designers.

Not quite handmade beads_earth   IMG_0806_INTERSECT_FADER_MAGALOGUE_rotate_grande   gold-hexagon-studs-31-940x705

BONTY   I  www.bonty.com.au  Facebook: bontyonline  I  Instagram: @bontyonline   I  Twitter: @bontyonline

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