MANE EVENT :: The Pastel Plunge

Have you noticed that pastel hair seems to be all the rage at the moment? Today we chat to Lexi Bannister, Premier Colourist at Axis Hair to get some advice on how to choose the right shade for you and what exactly is involved in taking the pastel plunge.

Considering this look yourself? Here is my guide to getting it right but first let’s look to the celebrity world for some inspiration! Here are a few celebs that I think wear the pastel trend best:

Choosing the right shade for you:

Consulting with your hair colourist is a must! They will look at your facial features and take into
account your eye colour and skin tone in order to choose the right shade for you.

Generally speaking, lighter complexions are best suited to purple, pink and peach, while darker complexions have more variety and can consider grey, green and blue as well as the pinker tones.

In order to achieve a pastel palette your hair will need to be pre lightened. Your colourist will likely offer a bond multiplier (olaplex, cureplex, snaplex) to help minimise the potential damage to your locks. These pastel tones are temporary colours that will last approx. 2¬3 weeks.

To maximise the life of your colour I would advise that you invest in a colour shampoo to use at home and regular treatments to keep your hair in the best possible condition between salon visits.

Styling your new look:

If you decide to take the pastel plunge you should also take a look at your wardrobe and tweak your wears to ensure your hair is the star of the show. Pastel colours, light fabrics and unassuming patterns work best to ensure your hair is the focus. Black, white and grey are safe and look stunning if you are sporting a grey or aqua hue in your hair. Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level and match your clothes to your hair!

Restyling your wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune, quite often we have things in our wardrobe that we have forgotten about, so be sure to resurrect that white shirt or black tee. Another great way to update your look is to hit outlet stores or shop online. Stores such as ASOS or are a great at replicating high fashion trends on a budget.

Purple / Black   Green / Soft   Pink / White

The finishing touch:

To complete your look makeup should be the final touch. An understated eye and natural brow with a statement lip is an easy go to look. If you don’t normally wear lipstick that doesn’t mean you need to wear a bold lip colour, but step it up and really find a shade that emphasises your hair.

Purple hair: This a more versatile colour and can pull off any number of fun lip colours, but stay away from a pink blush and stick to a light peach or bronzer.

Pink & peach hair: Try a matte neutral lip colour like Napoleon Perdis ‘Grace’ or ‘Lauren’ from
Mattetastic Range, or if you want to inject some colour try SMP II. Soft pink/peach blush and an
understated eye using warm tones also looks great.

Green & grey hair: An understated eye using warm tones with bold eyeliner, bronzer or highlighting will add warmth to your face. With grey hair you could really use any bright lipstick but for a really bold look try a maroon shade, something like NP ‘Super Lips in ‘Berry’ or if you want something more understated try NP ‘Devine Goddess Andromeda’.

So what are you waiting for? Take the pastel plunge and run with it…..until the next trend!

Lexi Bannister xx

Lexi Bannister

Lexi Bannister, Premier Colourist, Axis Hair

Style advice by Nicole Dwight, featured in Her Canberra – Cheap & Chic

Make up advice by Thea Dowie, Naopleon Makeup Academy (MUA)

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